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Teriotec X

State-of-the-art extruding of large formats: 40 x 80 x 2 cm. Thanks to the currently most modern high-tech production facility and 129 years of manufacturing experience: TerioTec® X has no competitor. This is where ‘large format’ as a description for patio flooring is newly defined. TerioTec® X is non-slip, glazed and dimensionally accurately calibrated but still guaranteed for frost-resistance – also when laid fixed, in formation and with sealed joints.Newly defined is therefore also the provided freedom as far as a generous visual appearance is concerned as well as the hygiene of the floor and easy-care outdoors. The special STRÖHER hard glaze makes this element’s body easy to clean, hygienic and uncomplicatedly stressable.TerioTec® X is the superlative for the creation of freedom and a prime example for what it means when creational rooms are made of functional ones. Fine to be laid loosely where it suits but always with the comfort of the STRÖHER X concept which means compatibility with the STRÖHER indoor and outdoor range of products.