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STRÖHER ceramics stand for frost resistance and high applicational comfort from outdoors to indoors. The Keraelement TerioTec combines these demands in one high-tech element. Anti-slip, dimensional intolerance, calibrated on four sides and thanks to state-of-the-art baking technology and in spite of its low weight it shows optimal breaking strength and flexural tension properties. No compromise: TerioTec guarantees elementary enjoyment. It is light and slim with its 20 mm thickness in order to meet the requirements regarding load capacity, statics and the structure on site. Or: generously in 35 mm thickness. Both are available in 40x40 cm and 40x60 cm formats. STRÖHER guarantees a firm and fix laying - even in formation - in cooperation with its three system partners in application alliances. A special hard glaze seals the pores on the element’s body. Algae and moss find no room to breed, stains from fats or red wine can simply be wiped off. Splinter – out of the question. Sealing or re-coating – not necessary. TerioTec provides a lasting and fadeless freedom-floor. A patio is there for a man – and not a man for the patio.

960 beige
963 black
961 brown
962 grey