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TerioTec X Profile

With TerioTec® X Profile it was achieved on what the ceramic industry was fiddling about for a long time already: an easy-care and safe to apply element that does not only correspond to natural stone in terms of optics but also haptics. This was made possible by the new and especially for TerioTec® X Profile developed glazing technique named “ExtruTec® Print” by STRÖHER. “ExtruTec Print” is deemed to be the innovation in glazing research and a milestone in glazing technology. It is another frost-proof ceramic element that is also stress-resistant, easy to clean and anti-slip thanks to the modified “Hardglaze 2.0” by STRÖHER. With TerioTec® X Profile outdoors a sensational flooring highlight was achieved that combines trendy and innovative glazing technology with the special laying and application-safe product advantages of extruded ceramics. For a long lasting appearance that does not deceive – and in impressive extruded stone block format of 40x80x2 cm.

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